How do we define the life science industry?
We see the industry as principally comprised of the following vertical markets: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Research Tools and Drug Discovery technologies. We support the complete spectrum of technologies and products that define the life science industry.

Do you have experience in my specific technology / segment?
We represent over 70 years of industry experience spanning research, product development, quality and regulatory, operations and global commercialization. Specific areas include: Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine, Cancer Research, Molecular Diagnostics, Bio-Manufacturing, Drug Discovery (Drug Delivery & Toxicology) and Medical Devices. But more importantly, our expertise and business acumen is directly applicable to any and all pursuits within our industry.

What is your typical compensation structure?
There really is no typical structure. We are flexible and adapt our compensation to each opportunity/partnership and Client structure individually to include:

  1. Fee for service (Project or Hourly-based)
  2. Compensation based on Performance/Contingency
  3. Equity

Having said this, we seek to build long-term partnerships with our Clients — especially when dealing with more complex projects. If you have a project that could benefit from working with Buffalo BioSciences, please forward a brief description of the opportunity to:

What is a typical Interim Management engagement period?
Buffalo BioSciences interim management projects vary depending on the project and skills required, but generally speaking Buffalo BioSciences managers typically work with clients in a hands on arrangement for 18 to 24 months concluding with facilitation of a smooth transition to the Client’s permanent management. We work to establish sustainable strategies and processes so that permanent managers meet clear plans that can be followed and executed seamlessly. We work to ensure the hiring requirements for each position are established (in terms of skills and personality).

How do you determine personnel dedication and levels of staffing?
Buffalo BioSciences dedicates one partner as the lead on each project and that partner guides the work conducted with associates and other staff members we employ. We ensure that the work conducted is of the highest quality and that projects are managed tightly to milestones and objectives.

What process do you utilize to ensure success?
Buffalo BioSciences believes in managing engagements closely to tangible milestones. This policy offers our Clients multiple opportunities to further examine the path forward, while only paying for the work performed to date. Furthermore, the process we follow is predictable and adaptable as circumstances change.

How long is a typical engagment?
Our project engagements vary depending on project. They can range anywhere from a two-day due diligence effort for an investor group to multi-year projects with technology start-ups. The engagements are tightly managed for efficiency and speed to deliver the best possible results.