“Get the knowledge you need, when you need it, to
make confident business decisions in uncertain environments.”


To have confidence in decision-making and realize the full commercial potential of technological breakthroughs, you need a combination of business acumen, effective execution and supportive relationships. Our personalized advisory services offer access to both talent and specialized knowledge while helping Clients navigate the challenging process of product and technology life cycle management.

Market Definition and Development
Make the right decisions and efficiently move toward maximizing the value of market opportunities by leveraging our qualified team and extensive industry network to provide a comprehensive suite of advisory services configured to meet your specific goals and objectives. All of our information and recommendations are validated by industry professionals using the services or technologies in question. This targeted input provides tremendous value and sets Buffalo BioSciences apart from other firms. In essence, we work to further define, validate and develop the markets our Clients intend to compete in while gathering insight key to their ability to dominate the space.

Personalized Advisory Services

Concept Refinement and Product Life Cycle Management
Our milestone-driven business model uncovers opportunities for product and technology refinement as it relates to overall life cycle management. We can begin with technology and product assessments, negotiating strategic alliances, developing business plans and loading the product development pipeline with competitive product concepts.

Scale Up and Exit Strategy Resources
Further, we can assist with identifying and recruiting management executives/advisors through to successful exiting of a business when the right opportunity presents itself.

Buffalo BioSciences allows clients to leverage a great deal of sophisticated experience in a cost effective manner, utilizing only the resources they require on an as needed basis. Our personalized advisory services and areas of specialization include: