Igniting Life Science &
Technology-Based Economies

Catalyst provides the necessary knowledge, network and industry expertise to accelerate job growth, investment and future prosperity in life science and high-technology sectors.

Our flexible, cost-effective framework helps Economic Development organizations overcome the challenges associated with growing a technology-based economy. In fact, Catalyst extends the internal capabilities of many leading Chambers of Commerce, Regional Marketing Corporations, Development Authorities, Planning Departments and Public/Private Agencies.

Eliminate the confusion associated with growing a Life Science economy
Grow your own Life Science economy Catalyst is built around several modules that range from understanding personnel and technical capacities to building comprehensive strategies that leverage distinct regional advantages. Follow-up modules emphasize “hands on” management support and joint business development activities to establish new industry relationships, target opportunities and facilitate deal flow.

Catalyst also gives Economic Development organizations the tangible results they need by answering many of the complex questions related to capturing life science opportunities, such as the following:

  • How do we make our area more attractive to life science firms?
  • Why did Merck select Tampa over Pennsylvania and Maryland for their new research facility?
  • How do we recruit other companies planning to open new facilities in new locations?
  • What are the timelines, terminology and success metrics for a life science economy?
  • How do we create new companies from the technologies discovered at local universities and research centers?
  • What is cGMP? How do local companies become more competitive with regulatory agencies?
  • What seed investments, anchor firms and research institutions can provide a positive ripple effect and support the development of a life science cluster?

Let Buffalo BioSciences ignite your organization’s efforts by validating existing programs and designing new strategies to successfully develop a prosperous life science economy.

Catalyst is available on a master contract or per-project basis and can be customized to meet your specific organizational needs. Services typically qualify under education and training appropriations. Please contact us to request more information or to receive a customized proposal.