Industry data reveals that on average there is only one qualified life science management candidate for every four open positions. This ratio is less favorable yet in smaller markets that are avidly striving to foster growth of their entrepreneurial life sciences firms. By deploying members of our management team, Buffalo BioSciences provides active leadership for our Clients.

Interim Management Services

Our “hands on” presence guides our Clients through business launch and establishment of robust operational processes to ensure attainment of strategic objectives. More importantly, we offer a full complement of experience to kick-start the various functional aspects of nascent enterprises. We are available to spearhead work for established firms that have human resource voids or wish to pursue new areas and require a fresh vision and focus:

  • Variable Management Assistance and Resources: For leadership positions such as CEO, COO, CSO, Sales & Marketing, Business Development and Operations.
  • Recruitment Assistance & Personnel Placement: Recruit, hire and train the requisite resources to manage Client business.
  • Implementation: Creation of infrastructure, processes, systems and management teams to ensure sustained growth.

Buffalo BioSciences guarantees continuity in your business by offering our executives to meet your short-term needs while effectively managing the longer-term objectives. If you have an immediate project need that could benefit from having a trained and experienced professional fill a void in your management structure, please contact us to learn more about working together.