Turning good science into good business is a complex process. The rate of technology development, the evolution of the life sciences market, and challenging competitive dynamics, all influence a technology’s probability of commercial success.

There can be no doubt that investing in these areas can be very risky. In fact, there are three distinct risks inherent in any life science investment: technology, commercialization and management.


Mitigating and understanding these risks are crucial to successful investing. Buffalo BioSciences uses its skills and experience to systematically address these risks and enable investors to make more informed, validated and knowledge-based investment decisions.

Buffalo BioSciences fills a gap in the commercialization process by translating scientific concepts into market opportunities for investors and helping researchers place necessary business processes around their technologies to satisfy investor terms and conditions. We offer an entire suite of products and services to help manage investment decisions, including:

  • Create Investment Strategies
  • Source Deals in Strategic Areas
  • Perform Due Diligence Services
  • Evaluate & Value Technologies
  • Validate Investment Plans & Financial Models
  • Serve as Interim Management Team for Investments

Whether you require independent assessment of proposals or are searching for life science deals, Buffalo BioSciences can provide a wide array of investment services to help you acheive desired goals. Please contact us to learn more about working together.