In today’s environment of increasing competition for a limited source of funding, researchers must consider alternative and creative ways to fund their research and stay competitive with their colleagues. Also, the days of research for scientific sake are quickly disappearing. The challenge for today’s researcher is to publish, patent, commercialize and generate revenue from the findings in the lab. At Buffalo BioSciences, we allow researchers to focus on what they do best — the science.



If you are a scientist with a technology and you need help assessing its commercial viability, contact Buffalo BioSciences to discuss ACCELERATOR™, a high-level suite of services designed to help researchers and independent inventors achieve commercial success. We can provide the requisite business skills and commercialization experience to help you effectively evaluate the opportunity and bring your discovery to market. We will also work independently on your behalf or in direct alignment with your institution’s technology transfer department to guarantee you’re protected and objectives are met through the process.