About Sanaan
Sanaan is a New York State, minority owned and operated, healthcare data analytics solutions provider with a goal to end chronic health disparities among socio-ethnic-economically challenged populations using advanced data insights for population management.

Why we do this: Chronic illnesses are disproportionately affecting under served populations putting a strain on families, communities, and the healthcare system. Ending health disparities in these populations will help to improve the livelihoods of people, improve the economic environment, and create opportunities for their communities to thrive. In the value based care (VBC) environment population and risk management mandate that providers and others maximize the opportunities to improve the health of their patients. Sanaan provides tools that better practice management, lower cost of services and increased quality of patient populations. We do this at scale.

How are we accomplishing the mission: The primary drivers of chronic illnesses in lower socio-economic minority populations are access to resources, demographic, economic, and behavioral. Many of these issues are caused by lack of access to continuous medical care, lack of access to healthy dietary options, poor health education and poor economic environments. These issues must be addressed in conjunction with strong clinical data to reduce hospitalization rates and improve outcomes. Sanaan will use advanced big data analytics and artificial intelligence to present clinical insights that empower clinicians, hospital networks, insurers and ultimately the patients themselves etc. to proactively manage health.

Sanaan brings the best in recent research data, knowledge of the social determinants of health (SDOH) and clinical expertise to deliver proactive clinical insights to improve patient and practice management. An easy to use web and mobile based system that pushes clinical insights to providers is the backbone of the Sanaan solution.

We are passionate and committed to ending the health disparities in under served populations.

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